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Review: Clouds

If you have Disney+, I’m sure you will have seen their latest biopic, Clouds. The film tells the true story of Zach Sobiech (Fin Argus), a high school senior who uploaded his song ‘Clouds’ to YouTube and it became a viral hit, leading to a recording contract and a concert performance. Clouds has all the makings of a powerful heart-tugger. 

Zach was originally diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 12, and the movie begins 4 years after, he is 17 and completed 20 rounds of chemotherapy. Director Justin Baldoni, who also directed 2019 teen drama Five Feet Apart, shows a genuine respect for the characters and the situations they are going through. Even though we know what to expect from the film, as Zach’s fate is sealed from the start, it is no surprise that the mystery and tension in the film are off the table. 

I feel like Clouds wasn’t really a typical Disney movie,  which I think is the aspect I like most about it. It was a very heart-warming as well as a very heart-breaking movie. Disney are definitely picking up more content aimed towards the young teen audience as this was previously Warner Bros film prior to its release on Disney +. I feel that the portrayal of the characters is very impressive, as I feel that it is a very genuine portrayal of someone going through cancer as we see the struggles they go through. The movie uses these performances to get awareness and information out there to the audience. 

The movie’s theme, “you don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living”, I think is a very important message to younger viewers. This teaches them that they should seize every opportunity they have during their life and not be afraid to go after your dreams. I would recommend the movie if you don’t mind a good cry at a film!


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Caitlin Telford

February 2021
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