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Review – Dirty Grandpa

Following the death of his wife, a grandfather (De Nero) kidnaps his soon-to-be married, lawyer grandson (Efron) and journeys to Florida for Spring Break. In an attempt to recapture his youth, De Nero’s character unashamedly drags the uptight and often unwilling Efron through a slew of outrageous situations involving alcohol, drugs, and women. The plot is generally centred on De Nero’s flirtation with a university senior looking to score with an older gentleman and Efron’s attempts to restrain his grandfather’s newly unleashed adventurousness. Very predictably, Efron’s character is eventually able to see the error of his ways, and with the help of his grandfather, leaves his former life as a lawyer and his manic fiancée for a life of creativity, with a free-spirited woman of his dreams.

A classic tale reimagined in the most offensive and vulgar way possible, this comedy very obviously aims to make a statement. De Nero’s character is a constant supplier of vulgar, perverted one-liners, directed at almost every minority group possible. Efron does what he knows best, with his cool guy attitude and constant near nudity. At times, their dynamic and the offensive humour garners a decent laugh, however in general, the film as a whole tries too hard to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in comedy.

The message of the film itself makes it seem as though the old are only interesting when they are mirroring the habits of the youth. It flagrantly draws from every stereotype in the book, with the classic gay best friend, dumb jock, and cheeky drug dealer all thrown in the mix. It forces one to question what motivation a well-respected actor like De Nero had in choosing to participate in a film that alone is incredibly offensive, but also poorly constructed and unoriginal.

If you’re interested in a well thought out and witty comedy, where the talent and classic humour of a veteran actor meets the eagerness of a young and driven heart-throb, this is perhaps not the film for you. However, if you’re looking for a late-night comedy, with laughs that make you question the decency of your own sense of humour, you might find some potential in this film.

Is it worth watching?


– Offensive
– One dimensional characters
+ Occasionally funny

A crude and vulgar comedy, begging to offend the masses and calling into question the careers of both Di Nero and Efron.

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