Review: Flawless at the Norwich Theatre Royal

Britain’s Got Talent finalists Flawless are touring with their show ‘Chase the Dream, The Reboot’. Since appearing on BGT in 2009, the group have had success with previous tours of “Chase the Dream” and appearing in the popular movie Streetdance 3D and its sequel. Given their repertoire within the street dance industry you would expect a certain level of thrill and excitement from the performance, particularly one that graces the presence of the Norwich Theatre Royal. However, the group delivered what can only be described as a panto-esque performance more akin to the likes of a British holiday camp such as Butlins.

The highlight of the performance was the scene where Leroy “FX” Dias Dos Santos danced to “reflections” of himself in masks that appeared to be holding him back until he broke free and overcame his fears. Although this scene provided some of the best dancing of the show, it still lacked originality and was closer to contemporary dance than that of hip-hop or street.

The show appears to base itself on being a performance that the whole family would enjoy, but some of the content begs to question the appropriateness of this selling point; some of the language used and scenes that include the dancers stripping are far from what you’d expect from a family friendly show. To take this further, the show also appears to glamorise criminality and violence alongside the cultural appropriation of several cultures. For a dance troupe the show also lacked one key element: dancing! This coupled with the constant breaking of the forth wall to involve the audience at several pointless moments made for an uncomfortable experience throughout.

Throughout their entire tour, Flawless are bringing in a local dance group to represent the area they are visiting and it’s great to see a group this popular supporting local talent. The most enjoyable part of the evening was therefore the outstanding performance by the local all-girl dance troupe CDC, who won the opportunity to represent Norwich on stage with Flawless as part of their Rep Your City challenge. They upstaged the male dominated Flawless, and CDC’s choreographer Sophie Dilworth should be proud of this star-studded performance.

Overall the show was disappointing in its lack of originality, and failed to appeal its target audience. Although their motto ‘chase the dream, not the competition’ is an inspiring message, this could have been delivered in a much more engaging and entertaining way. Instead, the audience was treated to a less than flawless experience that left the dance group chasing the dream.

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