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Review: H&M x Balmain

If you’re a true fashion lover you’ve been dying to see the collaboration between one of the leading high street stores, H&M, and haute couture fashion house Balmain. If you hadn’t heard about it I’m going to fill you in, and trust me you’ll be queuing to get your hands on at least one piece from the collection. Yes, it is that amazing. Balmain has gone through many designers including the famous Oscar de la Renta, who is notably one of the designers who elevated the brand and kept their prestige. However, it is safe to say that it is Olivier Rousteing who has catapulted this brand to what it is today by tactfully creating clothes that are unique, of superior quality, and extremely luxurious.

When you think of Balmain you think of high fashion, sexy, long-legged French models, and the hottest and most influential celebrities. When you think Balmain you think wow. Many people would never have imagined owning even a belt from Balmain. To own an entire look you’d have to break the bank, and haute couture is hardly suitable everyday fashion. So it’s incredible what H&M are doing, yet again embarking on a “journey” where they bring stunning designs to the average man for a fraction of the original prices. This makes us love H&M even, more and I suspect this was all part of their plan to yet again increase our brand loyalty.

H&M is famous for their collaborations. They have teamed up with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld (2004), Versace (2011) and most recently Alexander Wang (2014) but their dream team collections don’t end there. They have created charity collections, worked alongside design award winners and many popular celebrities such as Madonna (2006), David Beckham (2012), and Beyoncé (2013), to name but a few.

This is what they do and they do it well. H&M sees the appeal of bringing the everyday person an opportunity to purchase a little bit of luxury that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. They take the aspirational worlds that saturate our magazines and Instagram feeds and provide an opportunity for their customers to make them a reality, to be able to wear the same clothes as Beyoncé, David Beckham , Kendall and Kylie Jenner, to be a part of the #Balmainarmy and #Balmainnation and financially live to tell the tale.

Upon first glimpse of the collection you’d be overwhelmed, or at least I was. The pieces are to die for; you’ll want to get your hands on almost everything.

Reading this I’ll assume you’re a university student on a budget, and therefore looking for something stylish that you’ll be able to wear again and again as the prices are not as low as you’d expect for the highstreet, because it is after all Balmain. The collection coming to selected stores and online on 5th November 2015 is pretty pricey with dresses coming in at well over a hundred pounds, so if you are going to buy something from this amazing collection, I’d suggest that you go for something wearable. I’m going to break down the top three items I feel are must haves and tell you why they are.

Top 3 Items:

1. The Blazer
This is really a staple piece that you know you’ll be able to style it up and down. You can wear it to a job interview or a dinner party or to any event inbetween. Balmain has a great selection of blazers for both sexes with a longer sleevles option avialble for the ladies which can also be worn as dresses on a night out when you’re trying to be achieve a sexy and sultry look. Not to mention they are amongst the lowest priced items in the collection.

2. The Little Black Dress
There are two little black dresses availabel, these dresses call out to all the minimalists. For those who admire Balmain but can’t stand all the sparkle and shine here’s a perfect way to join the army whilst staying true to your style. Adding a belt will definitely synch in that waist and I reckon you could get away with a cheaper belt from asos on top of this stunning number.

3. The Backpack
Accessories are always fun to play around witht and this backpack is perhaps the most wearable of them all. Its in the mens section but is a unisex piece. It also is leather, a very durable material, so you can begin to jusity the cost as with proper care this bag is sure to last.


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