Review – I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Fancy taking a trip to an exotic Australian jungle to escape the woeful British winter? Well, since most of us fall short of making this a reality on a student loan, watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me out of Here! is close enough. This year’s launch episode set off with a bang, with the nation’s most loved duo Ant and Dec leading the way, and delivering the anticipated puns and jokes that makes watching them so effortless and enjoyable.

Surprisingly, I knew most of the celebrities brave enough to enter the wilderness this year. The names that instantly caught my attention were fronting boy-band member George Shelley from Union J (my inner fangirl was gleaming with excitement at this news). Yvette Fielding, famous for hosting the ghost hunting show Most Haunted, is another celebrity I avidly watch. If for some reason you are unaware of the mysteries this show held, just imagine a mature version of Scooby Doo. Thinking the camp is missing a world-class entrepreneur? Have no fear, Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons Den is here to solve that issue and add some much-needed organisation to the group. Everyone has to have a guilty pleasure, right? Well knowing that posh boy Spencer Matthews, from E4’s Made in Chelsea, was joining the 2015 line up may have made my day. It’s a shame he barely lasted five minutes, due to an apparent steroid addiction, but that is a story for another day.

The woman who made the biggest splash on our screens had to be Lady Colin Campbell. Having one of the poshest accents I have come across, and an exceptional attitude to match, she is without a doubt the most entertaining campmate to set foot in the perilous jungle. Lady C refuses to live like a peasant, and constantly wears pearls to demonstrate to the public that she can still look fabulous on a daily basis.

Staying true to this series traditions, the celebrities are immediately thrown into the action when they a whisked away in helicopters, which is always a highlight to see the beautiful environment they will be inhabiting in the coming weeks. It was interesting to see the emphasise on team work this year, because it is usually down to two unlucky celebrities from the opposing teams to go head to head and fight for the superior camp. What was the goal you may ask? Both teams have to retrieve their own treasure chest from the floating raft and whoever achieves this first would win. It sounds simple enough, but there is a catch. The raft is tangled in a series of buoys, with the keys for the desired chest attached on the lines, so we can tell already this will be a physically demanding challenge. Let’s hope no cunning crocodiles try and take a bite out of the celebrities while they are splashing about.

All the celebrities made a valiant effort, but it was the yellow team who came on top. What surprised me the most was Jorgie Porter and her lack of contribution in the task, because I imagined she would be a confident character, as actresses usually are from well-established series. It is understandable Jorgie did not want to get in the way, but an extra set of hands may have meant the difference between winning and losing.

The pinnacle moment of the episode, and most visually pleasing, was the bush tucker trial titled ‘Hell-evated’. The losing red team, and two ejected members from the yellow team, are raised above the ground in separate transparent boxes, where some creepy crawlies are dropped onto each celebrity. This is determined by Ant and Dec, who take turns spinning a wheel with the celebrities’ names to determine who will be covered in critters. Thankfully, each celebrity was brave enough to endure this trial, so no one will be an unhappy camper where food is concerned. Overall, this was a strong and amusing launch episode, with some much needed changes from previous years. I look forward to seeing how the campmates interact and if anyone makes a monkey out of themselves.


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