Kill Your Friends is a black comedy that’s slipped under the radar as we slowly drown in a tide of films trying to grab an Academy Award. To miss it would be a wasted opportunity to see one of the more unique films of 2015.

The film follows talent scout Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) as he tries to find the next big artist in the middle of the Britpop revolution. However things take a darker turn as Steven realises that to get by in this cut throat industry he may have to literally cut a few throats.

Kill Your Friends’ commentary on the money-obsessed music production industry is just as much the selling point of the film as it’s lack of morality or consequences. Director Owen Harris is no stranger to dark humor, having directed episodes of Misfits and Black Mirror, and so has created a movie that feels like a British American Psycho; he may prove to be a director worth following.

You may be first apprehensive about Nicholas Hoult’s involvement in the film, as his performance comes across as a bit wooden at the start. However, as soon as the plot gets moving, it becomes obvious that Hoult is exceptional, as he subtly presents the rage that his character tries so hard to hide from his co-workers. A few other familiar faces pop in the film including Craig Roberts (Submarine) and James Cordon (Gavin & Stacey), though none feature prominently enough in the story to be worthy of much critique.

However, the film does suffer from some pacing issues midway through, focusing too much on Steven Stelfox’s declining career, instead increasing the pace and filling in the time with a bit more of Stelfox’s calculating nature, and his methods to bring down the people around him.

Whilst Kill Your Friends is not the perfect movie, it is still able to combine a wickedly funny plot with a level of industry critique, proving to be a pleasure (if maybe a somewhat guilty one) to experience.

+Great Industry commentary
-Slow at times
Kill Your Friends’ wicked sense of humour and dark story will no doubt make it a cult classic.

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