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Review: Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint

Two years have passed since the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-up was released, and we are now met with the next instalment of this female rapper’s career. The Pinkprint, released on December 12, is the third album of female rapper pioneer, Nicki Minaj, which was met by significant acclaim around the world.
Having been in the rap game for some time, The Pinkprint shows off Minaj as a more mature artist and writer. Her themes throughout this record are a lot more dark, emotional and introspective; she explores her experiences and seems to put much more of herself in the public eye. The track All Things Go digs deep into some of Minaj’s difficult memories. From her cousin’s murder and the effect of her success on her family life, to the abortion of her child that she describes as an “angel”, Minaj seems to rap directly to anyone who listens over soft synths and a deep, heavy bassline. In its simplicity, and its positioning as the first track on the album, All Things Go sets up the tone of the album to take a completely different perspective than that of Pink Friday and Roman Reloaded. Her other tracks, like The Crying Game, I Lied and the single, Bed of Lies, all follow in the same path of the expressing of the internal, of dysfunctional love and lies.
There is a flurry of artists that have made appearances on the album this, debuted No. 2 on Billboard 200. Other than her Young Money label-mates, Jeremih, Ariana Grandé and Skylar Grey are just some of names that crop on the credits of this album. Nicki’s collab with Beyoncé on the Flawless Remix was repaid with the legend featuring on the track Feeling Myself. With the traditional masturbatory lyrics over a slow synth progression and hard beat, the track is one that shows off Minaj’s writing ability. We also get the vocals of Queen B herself in the chorus, and the occasional rap where she “Stop the World”.
Meek Mill also makes an appearance on this album, supplying vocals and spitting over a hard-hitting drum driving beats and a subtle synthy undertone. Buy a Heart tells the story of a complicated love story, which is surprising to find Meek on. The collab in itself is quite prominent in showing two established rappers, rapping about problematic love, on one track.
Although, the album isn’t all about darkness and expressing emotion; the infamous Anaconda has found its way on to the record, as well as The Night Is Still Young, with pop and R&B elements, which give the album some variety. The album as a collective piece is cohesive, and we at Venue applaud Nicki Minaj’s exploration of her experiences as a new theme throughout her record. However, The Pinkprint as a whole is not jaw-droppingly amazing, the explorations of feelings isn’t exactly new, though it may be new to her fans.


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