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Review: Sex Education – Season Three

*Trigger warning: sexual assault/abortion

Sex Education has been met with huge success and popularity from viewers since its premier in 2019, so it was hard to imagine the newest season could live up to this expectation. However, this is exactly what Season Three did.

Being a show which had already tackled a significant variety of hard-hitting topics of contemporary interest including sexual assault and abortion, Sex Education has a name for presenting important subjects that are often not spoken about, and this trend continued throughout season three. Although entertaining, every episode could equally be a therapy session, constantly raising taboo topics that need to be addressed.

The season starts with Moordale High, the branded ‘sex school’, being introduced to the new head teacher Hope, who initially seems as though she only has intentions to help improve the school and ditch its unofficial branding. This quickly turns around when drastic changes to the school policies begin to target students who don’t fit into certain criteria. Caught up in all of this is a new addition to the show, Cal, a non-binary character who repeatedly clashes with Hope, when the Headteacher fails to understand why they will not wear the “correct” uniform. Once again, the show raises such an important topic, the issue of ignorance shown towards non-binary students in schools, and in a larger societal respect.

Alongside Cal’s storyline, season three also deals with IVF, divorce, sexuality, the lasting impact of sexual assault, and the trauma of childbirth; and that only scratches the surface of what the season is about. The show delicately and subtly teaches us a lesson in every single episode. The show validates questions and concerns every pubescent teenager will have in their life, poking fun and gently soothing all in one dramatic and quirky gesture. Having been picked up for a fourth season, I have high hopes for the show’s future!


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