Review: Super Smash Bros 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was released in Europe on October 3rd, and the newest instalment to the franchise will quickly feel familiar to players of the previous titles. The transition to hand-held console has had almost no impact on the game, aside from the option to see fights unfold in 3D. Players will once again select one of Nintendo’s iconic figures, out of a roster of 51 characters. These are used to combat against up to three other players, or to battle through the many different single player modes. The controls have also remained largely unchanged, maintaining the easy-to-learn-hard-to-master aspect of earlier titles.
However, Super Smash Bros. 3DS is by no means identical to Brawl or Melee. Visual changes, such as bold outlines given to characters, make fights easier to follow on the smaller screens of the 3DS. This means players are less likely to lose their position in the chaos. Several single-player game modes have also been added. Trophy Rush is a chance to increase your collection of trophies by hitting falling blocks. Smash Run revolves a series of fights with twists leading to a final battle. These game modes reward players with items, equipment and moves for use in the new Character Customisation, where characters can be modified to suit the player’s preferences. The online multiplayer seems more stable with few issues of lag or disconnecting, and with so many players online it’s quick and easy to find a match.
There is very little to be said in the way of criticism. An argument could be made as to the repetitive nature of the titles, but when the format works so well there isn’t any need for change. The customisation is painfully simple, with limited difference in move sets and a basic stat system, but it still adds some variance to the characters. You won’t be faced with the same fight against Mario again and again. The biggest flaw of the game is probably the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog remains a playable character.
Priced between £30-£40, Super Smash Bros. 3D is worth picking up for existing fans and any newcomers. It’s incredibly fun to play both solo and in a group. Plus, as the UEA video game soceity hosts a Smash Bros group, you’ll always find someone to play against.


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