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Review: Trespass

What can be said about Trespass? Not a whole lot it seems after the film was pulled from American cinemas a mere ten days after its release. Costing $35 million dollars to make, the movie went on to gross a laughable $24,094,000 firmly destroying any redeeming qualities of star Nicolas Cage and director Joel Schumacher. Worse still, the film has already been released on DVD and Blu-ray in America which honestly must be a world record.

The story follows vintage Nicolas Cage as diamond dealer Kyle Miller. Kyle lives in a large mansion house with his wife Sarah played by Nicole Kidman and daughter Avery. Just before leaving for a business trip, Kyle and his family are attacked and held hostage by an armada of criminals who have noticed that rich people tend to live in large mansions and plan on stealing all their money. The rest of the film is practically a cat and mouse game between the hysterical family and the oafish criminals leaving for a pretty meaningless story that you never really grab hold of.

The film tries to flesh out the otherwise redundant story by adding subplots about the families disjointed relationship and the crumbling marriage of Kyle and Avery. One thing that does slightly improve the film is the semi twist that Kyle Miller is actually bankrupt, and everything he owns is borrowed on loaned credit. This adds a slightly new dimension to the action, forcing the robbers to improvise in order to get the money. In terms of action and suspense, Trespass has little to offer with formulaic chase scenes and an unimpressive climax.

Nicolas Cage brings his usual performance of awkward dramatics and obnoxious shouting, modelling one of the worst haircuts of his career. The onscreen romance he shares with Nicole Kidman is instantly unconvincing and makes you wonder just what her character must see in him as a partner. Ultimately, this is one of those films that you know going in will be bad and it does little to shy away from such expectations. If you’re looking for a laughable movie you won’t be disappointed, just don’t expect to be laughing for the right reasons.



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