The revival of 90s fashion

We have had the 70s flares come back into fashion, along with the 80s vibrancy and now we are seeing the 90s appearing in our daily lives. Recently there has been an increase in shops and shoppers buying 90s style clothing. Shopping spaces are now the site of a low budget Spice Girls tribute, whether this is enjoyable or not is up to the individual.

First we saw a rise in animal print. Especially leopard print which seemed to be the new pattern of choice for a variety of clothing forms such as skirts to handbags, and even flip flops. These skirts then were paired with army style shirts and jackets, that have become emblazoned with a sea of badges, buttons and other slogan-isitc embellishments.

In a modern era that is so concerned with plastic in the sea we look for alternatives in many places, but our footwear has avoided this environmental revamp. Clear plastic shoes at exponential heights have become the pride of place in any clubbers wardrobe. Jelly shoes, that were once worn by our younger selves on holidays to Cromer, are now adult sized and selling well.

It’s not just fashion which has travelled back in time, the hairstyles and makeup trends have tended towards a 90s themed aesthetic too. Popular hairstyle include high ponytails and top knots, littered with butterfly hair clips and glitter. Pigtails have also seen a surge alongside a collection of complicated plaits. Jelly makeup and movie makeup has sparked a way of cheap and tacky eyeshadows, lip glosses and other items which I had hoped were banished to the fashion waste bin.

If like me you want to pick and choose your influences, I would recommend making a mood board of the fashion staples from the eras that you love the most. Failing that just hide underneath the duvet and wait for this nightmare to end.

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November 2021
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