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Ricky Gervais VS Hollywood

Ricky Gervais has doubled back from what he was in 2009. A UK comedian hired to make a quick laugh at the expense of several glitter bombed Oscar hopefuls. Four Golden Globes later he’s finally been able to shake off the family friendly persona Hollywood sees him having, taking to the stage with a glass of fine lager and a year of discontent from the home of blockbuster cinema he was willing to bring along. It was nothing controversial on a level we’re used to seeing in America today, but it clearly stung for Hollywood’s inhabitants.

Criticism for the speech is peculiar, mainly on the grounds the offended parties are the billion dollar companies that have monopolised our media and the puppet bound trading pieces they call actors. Apple and Netflix were given the morality of ISIS, a movie linked to Roman Catholicism was introduced by “A big year for paedophile movies” and actors of the trade were finally told to “F*** off”. In all I found 23 attacks on different groups and personalities including Felicity Huffman, Leonardo DiCaprio, friends of Jeffery Epstein, the cast of “Cats” and every opinion of an afterlife.   

Criticism is not coming from the viewers, it’s coming from the companies, their hardcore supporters and paid mouths. In fact the speech holds hope for the future of Hollywood to fix up the immoral, cutthroat, trillionaire tax haven it’s revealed itself as in the last few years. If only there were more figures of the acting trade willing to give it all up to show they were human under the rented $650,000 suit. Directors who could do more than smile on the branded photo line. Gervais has pointed out one important piece of knowledge, not all is peaceful in the American East Coast.

I’m sceptical Mr Gervais will host a sixth time.


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