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Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale Of Redemption – review

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption is a frustrating but equally addictive ‘quick tilt’ game for iOS. If you’re not turned off by the retro graphics and matching soundtrack, you’ll find that this extreme take on fishing snaps up your would-be revision hours at a rate of knots.

The concept is genuinely ridiculous: you have to tilt and tap your device in order to avoid hooking any fishes as you reel out and then, as soon as you either reach the seabed or hit a fish, you have to hook as many as possible on your way back up. This may sound simple but in practice it’s hard to keep up with and the various fictional species of fish present various ludicrous challenges.

Let’s not forget the third wacky stage of your trip: throwing your haul into the air and shooting each airborne fish to accrue in-game currency. Ridiculous Fishing features many common elements of modern mobile games (tilting, shooting and purchasing upgrades) but manages to execute them with flair, style and a tactile satisfaction that separates it from other releases.

Admittedly the initial £1.99 purchase (from the App Store) was a cautious one, but it’s quickly justified; the quality of the game is brilliant. Despite its retro look, Ridiculous Fishing is responsive and highly detailed. When it comes to in-game upgrades, the good news is that no real money is needed to take advantage of better features such as chainsaws (to drill through fishes you can’t avoid), longer fishing lines and improved guns. The only downside to the upgrade system is that some of the enhancements make the experience too easy; some self-discipline is needed here if you’re to make the most of your £2 investment.

Just as important as the gameplay is the humour – you’re encouraged not to just play the game from start to finish but to explore all the nautical jokes and humorous side stories of your character and his friends. This extended joke spans both the game and the Twitter inspired Alternate Reality game Byrdr.

Fortunately the developers of Ridiculous Fishing haven’t tried to tack on a multiplayer feature, content to spend all their energy hooking you with the ideal addictive iOS game. In fact, there’s nothing quite like it; it ticks boxes you didn’t even know you had, and even after playing through every level there are still rare species left to find. Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale Of Redemption is one of the most mechanically satisfying experiences you’re likely to find on the App Store, wrapped in a sleek aesthetic and with a charming sense of humour, it’s sublime.


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March 2021
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