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The Rise of the Oat Milk and Keto Diets - Concrete

The Rise of the Oat Milk and Keto Diets

Oat Milk

Dairy alternatives have been on the rise for a few years now, particularly soya, coconut, and almond milk. However, oat milk has risen in popularity exponentially in the last year.

This has mainly been due to a growing awareness of the ethical issues surrounding dairy and a greater understanding of environmental damage caused by almond plantations.

A rising number of Cafes offer oat milk because many baristas claim it works best as a milk alternative. Coconut and almond milk have very recognisable tastes, which come through even when used to make strong coffee or sweet hot chocolate. However, oat milk has a neutral flavour, and so doesn’t interact with the aroma of different coffee blends. Furthermore, oak milk doesn’t curdle like other alternatives do in iced drinks.

Keto Diet

The Keto diet is low-carb, high-fat, and involves removing nearly all sugars and carbohydrates from one’s diet. After a few weeks of eating mainly meat, green vegetables, and fat the body begins to run on ketones, rather than glucose. The brain can run on glucose and ketones, so if there is no glucose in the body the brain uses ketones and breaks down fat for energy. After a while insulin becomes very low and so the body mainly runs on burning fat and eventually enters ketosis, which is why going keto is such a good weight loss option.

I personally undertook the Keto diet last year, as an experiment to even out my mood levels. Although I felt incredibly fatigued at first, once I got into trying out new recipes and eating enough calories to keep me energised throughout the day I found my mood became much more stable. Because I had a steady supply of energy throughout the day there were fewer peaks and dips in mood. However, I also lost fair amount of weight, which was quite worrying.

If you are worried becoming Keto may make you underweight, make sure to consult your doctor first for advice. I also found a lot of useful information on about eating enough food to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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