Rising train fares

Travel is a major part of the student experience, and no I don’t mean the fun kind. I’m talking about travelling between university and home. According to Education Phase, students travel on average 91 miles away from home to university, and the most common form of transport taken is the train. Train fares in the UK are already the highest in Europe and are set to rise by 3.1 percent.

Third year student Riana Chamberlain shares her experiences of train fares: ‘When applying for university, the price of transport to and from Norwich didn’t even cross my mind but now it is one of my largest expenses. Over my 3 years at university, I have spent approximately £450 on journeys.

If the service was good I wouldn’t be so angry about the price increase but 9/10 times I always have an issue with delays, cancellations and missed connections.’

According to Greater Anglia season ticket calculator, a one month season ticket between Norwich and London Liverpool street costs a whopping £911. This can be a huge hurdle for students wanting work experience in the capital.  Chloe Howcroft, third year Media and International Development Student, had to turn down work experience with a major news organization. ‘This would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I could not justify spending that much money to commute to London.’

So while travel is not necessarily a new challenge in 2019, it is certainly becoming a larger issue.

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