Roast with the most

“We should cook for ourselves! Like the true adults we are now.”

“Yes, let’s! We can make all the trimmings and we can even buy some mulled wine!” said no student, ever. Christmas is hard. Not only are we all settling in to a new environment, with new people and new ideas, but we have workloads provided by Satan himself, and the cold of a lifetime. What better way to relax than a lovely meal with your flatmates? Only if you don’t have to cook it though, right?

Granted, going out for a Christmas meal is lots of fun. Perhaps a carvery will be a great time for you and your flatmates to bond over food – if they put sage and onion stuffing on their plates, they are keepers, and if they dump a load of cranberry sauce all over their wonderful roast, red flags. Get out, get out! However, nothing beats a pub roast quite like a roast made by you and your flatmates, that exudes time, passion, and effort.

Bear in mind, it doesn’t have to be Christmassy. In first year, myself and 20 select housemates decided that a family meal would be the perfect way to wave goodbye to our first ever completed semester at UEA.

We planned for each person to bring a large portion of something they loved to cook, whether they were good at it, or not. We wanted to taste the dish that everyone was individually known for.

Mine, of course, was sweet potato chips. This was a successful way for us to make enough food for everyone to have a plate-full, and it didn’t require any more effort than what I would normally exert when cooking. Plus, it was so delicious.

Alternatively, cooking a full Christmas meal may be another way for you to bond with your housemates. Team work makes the dream work, right?

Get everyone on board, get a few to buy the ingredients, splitting up who will buy the Yorkshires, the vegetables, the meat – this shouldn’t be too expensive if you shop at somewhere like Aldi, or order an Asda delivery.

Then, select a few of the better cooks to bring everything together. Organisation and communication is the key to kitchen success. Although, if you’re in accommodation with no oven, like a prehistoric caveman, then don’t even bother with a roast.

Will your chicken even cook anyway?

How would you even roast a chicken with a grill? Go out for dinner. Treat yourself.


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