You came alive in our half-awake dreams

Etching your way into consciousness through a tunnel of ears

Past the stairwell into other human passages.

Your claws ate into the floorboard and teeth

Itched away at the chemical lining

It made the ceiling cry out –

Every movement brought voice

Half-squeaks and higher tones, taking tension

Saved for screams, muffled by asthmatic lungs

Taking breaths. Etching warrens

From asbestos walls that shed

The same snow stowed away as food

Fragrant of stale cotton and cold starch

That scrapes as it is swallowed

Collecting into tracks of your thin ventricle throat

Choke. Let your eyes dilate and ooze,

Pointed nostrils dry heave and tremor

Feel a purer hunger, half-forgotten.

In wanting something not plastic, nor filing

A waft in the air that should only taste like you,

Dead skin and dreaded fur, dirt and sweat thick as pellets.

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