Romance sparks in Vienna

If you ever watched “Before Sunrise,” you imagined Vienna to become your love story spot. It did become mine once. And so as in the movie it was unpredictable and absolutely beautiful.

The magical capital of Austria met me on Christmas Eve, when I was heading to my first love to finally have a date after a long-distance relationship.

As many couples in this world, we had ups and downs, but every time we saw each other, everything else did not matter. So, this trip was like jumping in feet first, with no way back, but unfortunately with a return ticket.

We met next to the State Opera House in the heart of the city which looked extremely beautiful in the evening. He smiled, I smiled, and we just knew our holidays together will become a great story. We were walking down the streets decorated with lights and we were talking about everything that came to our heads. We warmed ourselves with mulled wine from the Christmas Market and sang songs together with street musicians. Nobody knew us anyway, so we could do whatever we wanted.

On New Year’s Eve we got an idea to see another side of Austria, so we just caught a train and went to Mayrhofen. The journey took the whole day, and we were already missing Vienna until the moment we saw that cosy village in the mountains. Everything was covered with snow and it was extremely cold, but I wanted to stay there forever. And that moment was the one many people dream of, the moment that stops time. I only wanted to share that magical place with one person, and he was next to me holding my hand.

We went for a dinner, ate as if it was our last day on Earth, and at midnight we headed to the main square of the village to see fireworks. There, in front of the clock tower, surrounded by thousands of people, it was the first time in my life I cried from happiness.

After a few days in Mayrhofen, we were on a train going back to Vienna. It already felt like home there. We went to see as many sights as we could, including the Imperial Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, popular Rathausplatz and many others. But there was one exceptional place for me.

The Giant Ferris Wheel, which took us to observe the entire city, will always stay in my heart. It was our last day together, and we had to say goodbye again for the next few months. He kissed my wrist and said something that will always stay only between two of us. Being off the ground both literally and figuratively, I did not know what the future held for us. But I did know for sure that it was a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Since then I have never been to Vienna, leaving it for myself to be a special place.

Since then many things have changed, but those emotions will always stay with me.


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January 2022
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