Roo Pitt on taking care of your body

Now, it is easy for us to sit here and tell you all that you must look after yourselves and eat your five a day, do 30 mins of exercise a day, or not to drink or smoke.

However, we all know it’s not as simple as that (though of course all of those things will help).

Taking care of your body can easily be broken down into three key areas: Mind, Body, and Soul.

So firstly, your mental wellbeing. Exams, deadlines and the end of term are fast approaching. We all know how the stress and pressure can easily mount up, it’s important that you listen to your body in this time.

When we’re stressed it can be all too easy to push ourselves, adding to the stress, and continue to do so until we potentially harm ourselves further (mentally). Having a cold or the flu and taking time out is okay, as is needing time out due to mental ill-health.

For example, if you were training in the gym and you sustain a physical injury, maybe you hurt your ankle, you should stop and train another day.

The same principle applies to mental health, so find a way of relaxing and be as forceful with your relaxation time as you are your revision/essay schedules, – find time to read that book, or bake that cake, take up that yoga or Zumba class. Taking a break from university or paid work is just as important as doing the work, it’s essential for your continued wellbeing.

Now your body, simply you get out what you put in, if you eat rubbish, chances are you’ll feel rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, I crave the delicious junk food as much as anyone, but if you’re already feeling down then this will almost certainly make you feel worse.

Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is an easy way of improving your diet, but be realistic, don’t just go for the five-a-day target, as if you currently have zero-a-day it will most-likely be unachievable and therefore unsuccessful.

Start small, aim for one a day – more than you currently have – and then review it and move forward from there.

The same principles can be applied to reducing things like sugary and fatty foods. Instead of cutting them out altogether, try reducing daily amounts or cutting it out for one day a week and see how you feel, how achievable it is and, build it from there.

In addition to this make sure you schedule in time to eat and as with your relaxation, be rigid with it, as taking a break to eat will also help you to be calm and collect your thoughts.

Lastly, but by no means least, spiritual wellbeing or ‘the soul’, arguably known as many other things.

For many, this might be connected to religion or simply to morality or love.

This is likely to be the hardest part to look after, religious practice or lack of will be difficult for those who form friendship groups at university that differ in views.

The important thing is to find what brings you this inner peace and embrace it. Despite what anyone else thinks, do not neglect your soul, as with your mind and your body, listen to it.


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Roo Pitt

January 2021
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