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Let’s face it, the last thing any student wants to do is have to fork out hundreds of pounds a year on rail travel just to be able to travel home from uni a few times a year. But not all is lost, as taking the time to follow these simple tips may just help to bring the cost of your rail tickets down.

Book direct: If possible, try to book directly from the local train company for your areaís website. For example, buying your tickets via the Greater Anglia website instead of independent sites like Trainline, may end up resulting in cheaper tickets.

Railcards: Depending on how often you travel, purchasing a railcard, such as the 16-25 railcard, could save you up to a third off train ticket prices each time you travel, which easily pays for itself after a few longer journeys or with regular use.

Be flexible: If you are able to be flexible about time of day that you travel then choosing two single tickets at specified times may end up being cheaper than purchasing an off peak return. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the extra hassle, in the case of longer journeys, buying separate split tickets as opposed to one train ticket with no changes could end up saving you money.

Book last minute: Willing to take a risk? Booking your tickets last minute can, in some cases, end up being much cheaper as train companies often reduce ticket prices late on in order to fill up the last reserved seats. However, there is a risk that tickets may go up in price or even sell out, so proceed with caution…

Know your rights: Now that you’ve got your tickets, know when to ask for your money back if your train is delayed for a long time. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting money on an expensive train ticket only for the train to be delayed.


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