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Hollande’s problems persist

A handful of French MPs are seeking to impeach President Francois Hollande following the publication of a book in which the President divulged classified information.
Leading the attempted impeachment process is Pierre Lellouche, a senior member of Les Républicains, France’s centre-right party. Lellouche has said he believes Hollande has “seriously violated defence secrecy,” and has sent a motion to the government to try and trigger Article 68 of the constitution.

At the heart of these attempts by opposition deputies is the controversial book A President Should Not Say That, which is comprised of the private conversations between Hollande and two journalists over a few years.

Some of the revelations made by Hollande in the book have caused huge controversy, including comments detailing airstrikes in Syria, denying describing the poor as ‘toothless’ in 2014, and admitting to personally ordering the assassination of four enemies of the state.

A two-thirds majority is needed in both the Assembly and the Senate for impeachment, as well as approval by France’s committee on laws. 79 opposition deputies signed the request for impeachment to the French executive branch. Hollande has also faced calls to not run for re-election in the spring 2017 presidential elections by those in his own Socialist party owing to the scandal and his subsequent low approval ratings.

– Emily Hawkins

HIV positive Malawian man prosecuted for sex with 100 women

Eric Aniva, a man from Malawi, has been convicted of “engaging in harmful cultural practices” while performing traditional sexual cleansing rituals. Through his position of ‘hyena’, Aniva has allegedly had sex with over 100 women whilst being HIV positive. A ‘hyena’ undertakes the role of initiating young women into adulthood or exorcising unwanted spirits from widows through sexual cleansing. They are paid to perform the ritual upon request from a girl’s parents. Sexual cleansing is believed to protect women from misfortune and disease in the future.

However, those who partnered Aniva during the ritual are now likely to be even more at risk from disease. The state prosecutor, Chiyembekezo Banda, wants the 45-year-old to undergo a long prison sentence for failing to disclose his HIV status. Aniva is not alone in his condition, nine percent of the Malawian population also suffer from HIV. Banda feels Aniva can be held at least partly responsible for the spread of disease.

It is hoped that the exposure of Aniva’s case will help to discourage the use of sexual cleansing rituals. The President of Malawi, Peter Mutharika, ordered Aniva’s arrest in July. He will be sentenced on 22 November; he faces a maximum of five years in jail.

– Meghan Jarvis

Japan and India sign civil nuclear deal

Concluded after six years of negotiations, the agreement will give India access to Japanese technology and fuels. With a growing market worth around $150 billion, the country is an attractive destination for Japanese nuclear companies that suffered after the disaster of Fukushima in 2011.

Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi emphasized the chances given by the deal for building a clean energy partnership among both countries. Japan’s Prime Minister, Shenzo Abe, said the agreement reiterates a non-proliferation position and assures a responsible use of nuclear energy by India. Having suffered nuclear attacks after World War II, Tokyo had never set any deal with a non-signatory of the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

This issue raises concerns in some organisations. Greenpeace Japan regarded the treaty as part of a strategy to foster nuclear proliferation in Asia. The group Women of Fukushima alerted authorities about the consequences of nuclear power and considered that technology will not improve people’s lives.

India improved its nuclear technology following an agreement with the United States in 2008 and declared a moratorium on nuclear exams after running its last test in 1998. The country opposes NPT for it bans non-UN Security Council permanent members from developing and using nuclear weapons. Angel Loera

– Angel Loera


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