Roundup 360 – October 6th 2015

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Donald Trump back in the spotlight for comments on immigration”] Donald Trump has once again come under fire for his attitudes towards American minority populations. Recently, the controversial billionaire announced what he would do on his first day as president. The question was posed to Trump in a Twitter Q&A, to which he replied “close up our borders so illegal immigrants cannot come into our country” relating the ongoing global refugee crisis with America’s longstanding fiscal turbulence. This is the latest in a long line of comments from Trump about Central American migrants; he caused outrage earlier this year by calling Mexicans “rapists, criminals and drug-dealers” and has stated his intention to build a wall along the American border with Mexico.

Natalie Froome[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Raising the standard?”]It was recently announced that New Zealand would be holding a two-stage, binding referendum to decide if the nation wanted to change its flag, from its longstanding Blue Ensign flag with Union flag and Southern Cross, to a new flag which would be more representative of the country’s status as an independent and sovereign state. A shortlist of 40 flags was produced from an original figure of around 10,300 submissions, which included a spattering of comical entries. The 40 were then whittled down to just four by a specially chosen Flag Consideration Panel.

However, the choices were criticised due to their similarity to each other and to existing corporate logos. Following public dissatisfaction, Parliament passed legislationon the 24th September which implements a mechanism for a fifth design, the ‘Red Peak’ design, to be added to the ballot paper for the first round of voting.

The first round will be contested via postal ballot between the 20th November and the 11th December, and voters will rank the designs in order of preference. The winning design will contest a second referendum in which it will be pitted against the current flag. If the new design receives a greater number of votes it will be adopted as the official flag within six months.

Ollie Watts[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Chris Brown banned from Austrailia because of domestic abuse record”]Chris Brown’s domestic abuse record has left him without a visa into Australia. Despite touring in Australia twice since pleading guilty to charges of domestic violence against Rihanna, the border forces have cracked down and last week refused him entry to the nation. However, they have given him 28 days to appeal their decision.

Brown tried to excuse his trip to Australia, claiming that his intention for travelling was to raise awareness for domestic violence, and to spread information with the aims of presenting “spousal abuse”.

The global superstar is not exactly a poster boy for non-violent behaviour, injuring eight people in a NYC brawl with Drake in 2012,and allegedly punching Frank Ocean for nicking his parking space. These cases and Brown’s record make his vow to learn from his mistakes pretty hard to believe.

After the incident Brown tweeted in response, stating that he wished to “show the world that mistakes don’t define you”.

Lillie Coles[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Obama on Oregon shooting: “Thoughts and prayers are not enough””]The US president, Barack Obama, has said that “thoughts and prayers are not enough” in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting in the United States.

Obama is rapidly loosing patience with Congress of its failure to enact stricter gun control measures. There have been 994 mass shootings since Obama first made a strident call for tighter regulations after 20 children and six theachers were killed at a school in Connecticut three years ago. He has issued 23 executive orders, but substantial change can come only from Congress.

The National Rifle Association continues to oppose any kind of gun control measures, and public opinion seems to be marginally against dramatic changes.

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