Welcome back to another RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 ru-cap! Last week’s premiere introduced the first half of this year’s queens who served death-drops, alien headpieces, bacon dresses and shade for years. In this, the second of Ru’s ‘two big openings’, seven new queens strutted their way into the workroom for their first main challenge before joining group one. Let’s get acquainted, shall we?

Bianca Del Rio – Full disclosure: let it be known that this queen is our pick to win. A Broadway seamstress from New York City, drag veteran Bianca is a no-holes-barred insult comic. Her quick wit is sure to give us some distasteful/genius (take your pick) gems this season – for example:


Trinity K. Bonet – The K stands for Kardashian, which pretty much sums up this self-proclaimed ‘video-fish’ queen. Reminiscent of season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez (both in terms of man-voice and dental situation – no t no shade), hopefully she’ll be versatile enough to make it through the competition.

Joslyn Fox – Probably (read: definitely) the ditsiest queen ever to grace Drag Race, Josyln Fox is best described by Bianca Del Rio: “It looks like she went into Claire’s boutique, fell on a sale rack and said ‘I’ll take it!’”

Milk – Every season has a token ‘out-there’ queen, and here she is. Sour milk, curdled milk – you name it, she has a kooky look for it. This queen’s aesthetic might be a polarising one, but you can’t fault her execution.


Darienne Lake – Another drag-relative of Drag Race alumnus, Darienne brings camp humour and curves for days. She might want to lay off the self-deprecating fat jokes though – it’s only funny once.

Courtney Act – Courtney is a household name in Australia after becoming a finalist on Australian Idol (in drag no less). Quite possibly the fishiest queen in Drag Race herstory, she’s got a side of wit to go with it (her name is pronounced ‘caught in the act’ in her native accent). Funniest moment of the episode goes to her hilarious attempts to drink her cocktail in the lounge.


Magnolia Crawford – Looking like a cross between Joan Crawford and Rocky Horror’s Frank ‘N’ Furter, Magnolia needs a few tips on how to contour her nose. Everybody had something to say about it. #shade.



This week’s main challenge involved creating a runway look using materials provided in seven party-favour boxes, with each box corresponding to a different party theme.

Our favourites on the runway this week include challenge winner Bianca Del Rio (we would expect no less from a Broadway seamstress) and Milk, who gagged everyone with her androgynous high fashion toga look – clock the beard, guys.


tumblr_inline_n1xn2dWiig1qjfaczDarienne Lake’s St. (Pedestrian) Patrick’s Day ensemble landed her in the bottom two – that ruching in the middle of her skirt really was unforgiveable. Meanwhile Magnolia Crawford wasn’t too happy with her ‘hoe-down’ theme, and after a heated argument with the judges, she faced the wrath of RuPaul and was also made to lip-sync for her life.

It was this move, however, that kept Miss Darienne Lake in the game, leaving Magnolia Crawford to sashay away. See ya girl, don’t let that contoured nose hit the door on your way out! Or, in the words of guest judge Chloe Kardashian, “basic bitches not wanted.”

Next week the competition truly begins as the two groups join. Will Bianca make somebody cry? Will Gia get knocked off her pedestal? Will Vivacious come out with yet another ridiculous headpiece? We can’t wait to find out!