RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Ru-cap – episode 3

Welcome back, drag racers, to another RuPaul’s Drag Race ru-cap! With the double-sized season premiere out of the way, the competition well and truly begins as the two groups of queens meet for the first time.  Battle lines were drawn however, as they chose to stick to their original group for the main challenge: a screen test for a horror movie (hilariously named Drag Race Me To Hell).


With a passion for 80s horror flicks, Adore Delano soon found her confidence diminished as she led her group to failure. Team Milk, on the other hand, delivered a hilarious riff on 60s horror – Darienne Lake’s performance as the scary head in a box catapulted her back into the race after landing in the bottom two last week.


tumblr_inline_n2903nNNah1rsbzedUnfortunately our favourite guilty pleasure Vivacious couldn’t pull off the role quite as well in the other team’s screen test, looking more like a powdered donut than a decapitated head. After a fierce lip-sync with April Carrion, she was asked to sashay away.

Shade of the week: Henceforth, Bianca Del Rio will now be referred to by Venue as Bianca Del Read-a-hoe. Her reads are always on point and come from a sharp mind, unlike some of the bitchier contestants (yes, we’re looking at you Gia Gunn). When Trinity expressed her desire to be a Beyoncé impersonator in Las Vegas, Bianca didn’t hold back.


Best runway of the week: After an unconvincing performance as a butch estate agent in the screen test, even April Carrion’s crafty Singing in the Rain look couldn’t keep her in the bottom two. Still, credit where credit’s due, it was a really original (and pretty) ensemble.


Honourable mention goes to Milk for yet another outlandish look. Her femme-Pinocchio homage proved that Magnolia Crawford might be gone but her abysmal nose contouring would not be easily forgotten.


Worst runway of the week: It appears as though some queens weren’t aware that the theme of this week’s runway was ‘Best Drag’. Gia Gunn, you were caught showing off your outfits to Adore in episode 1 – we know that you didn’t wear your best drag on the runway, girl. Also, how did she not know what a Delorean was? Unforgivable.

Surprise of the week: Dumb as rocks Joslyn Fox was our prediction for this week’s bottom two, but her oh-so ditzy delivering of a stage direction (“GASP!”) had us in stitches, redeeming herself after her below average runway look.


Predictions for next week: We have it on good authority that next week’s main challenge is going to be a group musical, so we’re expecting some amazing vocal performances from past Idol contestants Adore Delano and Courtney Act. We also can’t wait to see how Trinity Bonet’s man voice will translate onstage too.

At this point Venue like to say a proper goodbye to Miss Vivacious. We’re going to miss your crazy outfits, we’re going to miss the way you say “MUTHA”, but most of all we’re going to miss your fierce reaction shots.



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