If you are reading this article, chances are you have an interest in science. If this is the case, you probably would be interested to know that Norwich Science Festival began on the 19th October, and will continue until the 27th.

Norwich Science Festival is your chance to explore the wonders of the universe, meet the scientists whose research has changed our world and debate some big questions with some big-thinkers, says the festivals website, and the festival definitely has some great events both paid and free, being offered.

The festival has dozens of events taking place at different venues around Norwich, although they predominantly take place at The Forum, where they are coordinated by The Forum Trust.

Whilst there are some events catered to children such as The Ugly Animal Roadshow and Fartology, there are many for adults, from talks and debates to workshops and larger events.

With categories from every part of the world of science, there is something for everyone, whether your interest is in astronomy, engineering, medicine, physics, the environment, or more advanced technology.

Headline events include talks from Prof Alice Roberts, cameraman Doug Allan, and a Women in Science panel featuring Angela Saini, Chelsea Slater, Dr Ozak Esu and Dr Suze Kundu.

To get involved, simply go to the website norwichsciencefestival.co.uk and search for the events you are interested in. Alternatively, there are booklets featuring all of the events around Norwich City Centre visit The Forum (next to the Market) for more information.

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