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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Global air pollution is at a ‘crisis’

Air pollution is at a point of urgency according to the International Energy Agency’s recent report claiming that over 6 million people a year...

There’s nothing free about free range

Nearly half of all eggs bought in the UK are free range, but a recent investigation shows that the demand for ethical farming has undermined concerns for animal welfare.

Vivienne Westwood and the firepower of protest

There I was, getting myself nicely worked up to write a piece decrying the half-baked environmental claptrap that is from time to time published...

Male flies dominate during sex, research finds

UEA research has found that male fruit flies have the ability to influence the behaviour of females through sex.

A quintessentially ecological day

This April, many throughout Norfolk will be travelling to attend the North Norfolk Coast Earth Day, writes Helen Martin. It is a free event which takes place at Deepdale farm, well-known for providing a hostel where backpackers can enjoy a quintessentially ecological stay.

Wet Wet Wet: what I learnt from The Daily Express

Peter Sheehan reports on the importance of journalistic integrity and honesty in the media.