Climate Change, Science / 16/11/2021 Norwich Eco Hub: Make Greener Choices Workshop

Norwich Eco Hub is a recently founded community interest company, deeply concerned with the environmental crisis looming over all our heads. With sustainability and eco-conscious living at its heart, the Eco Hub is seeking to create a dedicated space for the people of Norwich to come together and attempt to tackle climate change.    Although they...

Climate Change, Sport / 16/11/2021 Climate change: the threat to sport as we know it

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to all sporting events and left us without them for nearly three months. However, for many, this is merely a dress rehearsal for the increased effect climate change will have on sport. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, drink breaks were introduced in football for the...

Books, Climate Change / 16/11/2021 Cli-Fi: Exploring the World Through Children’s Fiction

Mitch Johnson studied English Literature and Creative Writing at UEA and is now a published children’s author. His books expose injustices of the world whilst still being fun and accessible to young readers.  In October, Johnson conducted a talk as part of the Norwich Science Festival, discussing the power of children’s literature, particularly climate fiction....

Climate Change, Travel / 16/11/2021 Fight for your Flight: Travel and Privilege

In my twenty-two years on the planet, my experiences with efficient transport have been fairly limited. I grew up in an area with three buses a day. I have also only ever taken one flight – we went from Bristol to Glasgow and spent longer travelling from the airport to my grandparents’ house than we...

Climate Change, Comment / 16/11/2021 Boris Johnson’s lack of climate care.

As the world prepared to witness the COP26 United Nations climate summit in Glasgow this year, I eagerly sat waiting for what our own prime minister was going to put forward. After years of denial and refusal to acknowledge the ever-increasing seriousness of climate change, Boris Johnson finally had the opportunity to rectify his previous...

Climate Change, Home of the Wonderful / 16/11/2021 UEA’s COP26 climate vigil

In conclusion to a fantastic week of debating, discussing, and exchanging knowledge during UEA’s COP26 festival, UEA Green Society hosted a Climate Vigil in The Square on Friday 29th of October. Despite the autumn showers and chilling breeze, a modest yet powerfully passionate crowd turned up to share their thoughts, personal experiences, and most of...

Climate Change

Climate Change, Interview

Editor-in-Chief Dolly Carter gets to know the faces behind UEA’s COP26 Festival

From 25th-31st October, campus will be changing. From monologue performances to a yoga session, a climate change vigil to a litter pick, UEA’s COP26 Festival is arriving. I spoke with Festival Director Ekaterina Dudakova and organisers Meg Watts and Charlie Bench to discuss their personal stories with the environment, the events taking place in the…

Climate Change

COP26: A comfy, convenient throne for the capitalist elite

At the COP26 conference commencing this Sunday, world leaders will once again meet to discuss what they will describe as “transformative” and “innovative” climate policies designed to put “people and planet first”. Sadly, the all-too-common political mistrust we now see across most leading democracies means the majority of us are likely to dismiss this event…

Climate Change

Ecotourism: Travel and Climate

Pina Coladas on a sandy beach, palm trees, and the smell of fabulous food. These are a few of our favourite things. But what if the holidays you craved were the exact source of climate change, a reality credibly accepted as the cause of human action? Would the cocktails on the beach suddenly become rather…

Climate Change, Science

Climate Change Corner: Interview with Dr Jeff Price on his upcoming talk at the Norwich Science Festival- “The Impact of Climate Change on Norfolk’s Biodiversity”

Professor Jeff Price is a Senior Research Associate at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change and an Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia whose focus lies in investigating the impact of climate change on biodiversity. An accomplished environmental scientist, Price will be presenting information on how we might expect Norfolk’s biodiversity to change…

Climate Change, News

‘Have we achieved our aims? Not yet’: eco-warriors issue warning

The climate group behind protests on Britain’s busiest motorways, Insulate Britain, have issued a stark warning to politicians ahead of The UN Climate Change Conference in November, blaming the government for “failing to protect its citizens whilst allowing carbon emissions to continue from outdated housing stock.” Members of the group – which has links to…

Climate Change, Science

Climate Change Corner: An interview with PhD student Aayushi Awasthy on her podcast ‘Why haven’t we solved climate change yet?’

Aayushi Awasthy is a PhD student in the School of Economics whose focus lies in energy decisions in rural areas. Alongside her studies, she is now working on the release of her seven-episode podcast series centred on the question: ‘Why haven’t we solved climate change yet?’  Aimed at 16 to 24-year-olds interested in learning more…

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