Climate Change, Science / 22/03/2022 Climate Change Corner: Latest IPCC report says ‘hope for the future is fading fast’

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns if strict and urgent action isn’t taken, a “livable and sustainable” future is in doubt.  The expansive and comprehensive report is based on 34,000 studies and documents from scientists all over the globe. It envisions a future in which people and the natural world...

Climate Change, News / 01/03/2022 Studies Suggest Women are More Affected by the Climate Crisis

Everybody on the planet is beginning to see the impacts of climate change on the world around them. Women, however, are being affected by the climate crisis on a much greater scale than men. ActionAid, an international charity working with women and girls living in poverty, suggests women are more vulnerable to the effects of...

Climate Change, News / 08/02/2022 Big success for big holiday switch off

In December, UEA’s staff and students were invited to join the Big Holiday Switch Off. This initiative intended to save energy on campus ahead of the winter break. The advice given to take part in the Switch Off was to switch off all unnecessary lighting, equipment, heating, and ensure all windows, doors and taps were...

Climate Change, Home of the Wonderful / 08/02/2022 Focus on the Future

So much of this issue is about looking back to what UEA was like in the past, so we’ve decided to dedicate a little corner of Home of the Wonderful to look to the future! Our writers have come up with two different predictions about how UEA will look in 10, 20 or even 30...

Climate Change, Science / 08/02/2022 Bizarre Science: Concrete on Concrete

UEA is famous for its brutalist architecture, from the Lasdun teaching wall to the iconic Ziggurats, but all this concrete comes at a cost. Despite the abundance and usefulness of the material, concrete is responsible for eight percent of global carbon emissions worldwide. Scientists think they may have found a solution to a greener, and...

Climate Change, Science / 08/02/2022 Interview with conservation group WildEast’s co-founder, Hugh Somerleyton DL

“We pledge, we educate, we grow”– a simple but profound summary of the pillars of conservation organisation, WildEast, as provided in my interview with co-founder Hugh Somerleyton DL. Similarly to ongoing projects in regions of Brazil, Romania and even Yellowstone, USA, the eastern region of England has its own group dedicated to protecting and restoring...

Climate Change

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What can Ancient rainforest rock art tell us about climate change?

Archaeologists have discovered tens of thousands of paintings of animals and humans in the Amazonian rainforest. The discovery was made by a British-Colombian team, funded by the European Research Council and led by Francisco Javier Aceituno of the Universidad de Antioquia, Gaspar Morcote-Rios of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and José Iriarte, professor of archaeology…

Climate Change, News

Three young people are suing the UK Government

On December 12th, three young British-citizens launched a campaign to sue the UK Government for its domestic and international violations of human rights, exactly five years after the UK adopted the landmark Paris Climate Agreement. The campaign, ‘Global Majority vs. UK Gov’, is backed by climate litigation charity Plan B and the Stop The Maangamizi…

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