Science / 15/12/2020 How do the coronavirus vaccines work?

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 there has been an urgent search for a potential vaccine. Many classic, well-understood vaccines work by injecting a dead or weakened form of the target virus into the body. This helps the patient build immunity by triggering the immune system response, aiding the body for future recognition and response...

Science / 15/12/2020 Can we actually read our dreams?

Dreams have long been associated as portals for divine wisdom. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks declared them the messenger service of the Gods, and described dreams as visitations from the heavens. Even in recent times, many notable figures have claimed their most famous ideas have come to them in dreams. Mary Shelley bore Frankenstein from...

Science / 15/12/2020 Is our current understanding of the Universe wrong?

The Universe is expanding, this we know for sure, but for decades Physicists have been struggling to understand and work out the rate of this expansion – this is often thought of as one of the greatest mysteries in science. The Hubble Constant, named after the famous American Astrophysicist Edwin Hubble, is the value given...

Science / 15/12/2020 The environment: what’s going up and what’s going down?

It’s looking up for green urban spaces, as Barcelona’s Mayor, Ada Colau, plans to transform the Catalonian city through a series of “superblocks” over the next decade. These blocks are intended to transform the city centre and Eixample district into a greener, pedestrian friendly, nearly car-free area. A 2020 report from the Barcelona Institute for...

Science / 15/12/2020 A snapshot of you

My current project is on ocean deoxygenation, a rarely discussed issue but one with potential to drastically impact the Earth’s future. The oceans are losing their oxygen, and the creatures living in them are running out of breath. The amount of low oxygen waters has quadrupled since 1960, and is set to continue increasing.  Why...

Science / 24/11/2020 Paws for thought

  Blue whales return to South Georgia The resurgence of the blue whale populations around South Georgia has been suggested by a sighting of 58 individuals at the former epicentre of commercial whaling and was described by scientists as ‘astonishing’. At its peak, the industry in South Georgia was hunting 3’000 blue whales a year, with...


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    Should we mourn GCSE poetry?
    Wonderful article! Very insightful and brilliantly communicated. I wasn't aware of this issue before, but this article has really brought it to light for me. Thank you very much!
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