Science / 09/02/2021 The Anthropocene: A New and Contested Concept

All around us the planet is dying – and humans are responsible. In fact, the influence that we are having on the global environment is so great that it has been suggested that we have moved into a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene.  Coming from the Greek words for human (‘anthropos’) and new (‘cene’), this...

Science / 09/02/2021 The moon’s wet: now what?

In October 2020, NASA’s SOFIA aircraft, with the assistance of an infrared camera, discovered water on the light side of the moon. While there has been evidence of ice in the moon’s craters, this discovery of water on parts of the surface that aren’t shadowed and below freezing marks an interesting turn for the future...

Science / 09/02/2021 What Science is there to look forward to in 2021?

COVID has not only dominated our lives for the best part of a year now, but has also dominated the news, and scientific developments which would normally be on the forefront of the news have been out-shadowed by grim talk of vaccines, death tolls and new strains. Although we may not have got rid of...

Science / 09/02/2021 Some fin is happening to sharks and rays

Sharks and rays are becoming extinct at an “alarming” rate, experts warn, and it is up to us to save them. A new study, originally meant as a useful report card for the numbers of sharks and rays in our oceans, has instead revealed a dramatic drop in the species’ numbers. Data suggests that the...

Science / 09/02/2021 Chemical Recycling

In the United Kingdom, we produce 230m tonnes of waste chemicals per year. This number contributes to the ‘8.3bn tonnes of virgin plastic produced worldwide.’  Yet, statistics show that only 9% of plastic waste has been recycled. With the urgent need to limit plastic waste, science and technology come hand in hand in regarding waste...

Science / 19/01/2021 Hygiene equality is no longer a luxury

The start of the new year has brought in the abolition of the ‘tampon tax’, a policy deemed by many to be ‘sexist’ and a perpetuation of gender equality which does not belong in today’s society – a zero rate of VAT now applies to all sanitary products in the UK. The move was finally...


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