Science / 03/05/2022 Norwich Researchers make groundbreaking discovery in prostate cancer

Researchers from the University of East Anglia, Earlham Institute and Quadram Institute have helped identify a link between five types of bacteria and aggressive prostate cancer.  Urine and tissue samples were collected from 600 men both with and without prostate cancer, and five bacteria were identified including three that were previously undiscovered. Analysis showed men...

Science / 03/05/2022 NASA Confirms 5,000 Exoplanets  

On the 25th of March 2022, NASA Exoplanet Archive confirmed the existence of the 5,000th exoplanet. Although none of these exoplanets are qualified to be Earth 2.0, they are more or less “small, rocky worlds like Earth,” and “gas giants many times larger than Jupiter” claimed the officials from Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). NASA’s $10...

Science / 03/05/2022 Will the Government’s new calorie law stop the health crisis or is it just virtue-signalling?

With the announcement last month that restaurants with more than 250 staff must print the calories of each dish on their menus, campaigners from both sides of the debate have spoken out about the measures. The government believes these measures will help people tackle the problem of obesity. Obesity-related issues currently cost the NHS £6.1...

Science / 03/05/2022 Apple’s new safety feature to protect children from explicit imagery

Apple has announced plans to roll out a safety feature to protect children from explicit, lewd, or offensive images. Whilst some welcome the change, privacy rights groups state the software may be an invasion of privacy and could lead to mass surveillance if misused.    The plans drawn up by Apple use artificial intelligence (AI) technology...

Science / 03/05/2022 Turning Green Press Release: Climate Change Action Survey Seeks Gen Z Student Perspectives

Environmental nonprofit Turning Green has launched a global survey on climate change action, seeking input from tens of thousands of college and university students. The survey will assess student knowledge of climate change and ideas for solutions-based climate action.   Titled “Anxiety to Action,” the survey in part stems from the ideas of Stephen Kirk, a...

Science / 03/05/2022 Bizarre Science: Umami Utensils–chopsticks that make your food saltier

Hoping to hit the market next year is a new device capable of making your diet healthier: chopsticks that make food taste salty. The electric chopsticks have been developed through a collaboration between Homei Miyashita, a professor at Meiji University in Tokyo, and Kirin, a food and drinks manufacturer.  The device includes a wristband computer...


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