Second Term Resolutions

New Year’s Eve, alongside fireworks and drunken choruses of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, is invariably accompanied by declarations of resolutions for the following year.


Facebook and Twitter are full of people insisting that this will be the year they lose a stone, quit smoking and land the job of their dreams. While 7am trips to the gym are all well and good, for the majority of people, they are also completely unrealistic. Instead, why not focus your New Year’s resolutions on being the model UEA student…or at least a less lazy one than in first semester. Here are Concrete’s top three resolutions.

1. Resist the pull of the LCR

Convinced by your flatmates that it will be a great way of blowing off steam before you get serious with the three essays that you have due in on Friday, the LCR always seems like a good method of stress-relief at the time. You are surprised £1.50 Jägerbombs aren’t the standard way of starting off a pile of work: in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by your friends, you have energy enough to write lab reports for your whole seminar group. That is until the next morning. Bleary-eyed and hung-over, getting to the library seems as achievable as climbing Mount Everest. Quietly dying on the bus to campus, you undoubtedly bump into the most eager girl on your course who is, of course, on her way to get a head start on work that has yet to be set. You start to question whether your night out was worth it, especially when you consider the amount of money you now have to spend on energy drinks and hangover cures. Waking an hour later in a study carrel after an accidental nap confirms that it was not.If this sounds like you, it is obvious what your second-semester resolution should be; everyone loves the LCR, but don’t go at the expense of your work. However, if your FOMO is so crippling you cannot possibly miss a night out, attempt to be as responsible as possible; stick to soft drinks and drag your friends home before 3am. Failing that, pray the remaining alcohol in your system provides you with the necessary inspiration to write that essay.

2. Be a considerate library user

Apart from first years and the extremely lazy, most UEA students spend a considerable amount of time in the library. While this may be the case, that does not mean it is always a harmonious environment; there is always at least one person who makes the blood of those around them boil. There are a number of different types of these library sinners; those who talk in silent zones, the people who steal study carrels and that one guy who thinks a tuna and onion sandwich is an appropriate snack in a crowded floor. If this is you, your resolution needs to be to think of others, or to study at home. Seriously.

3. Turn up to lectures and seminars

We’ve all been there; its midmorning, Jeremy Kyle is on TV and you are wondering whether university is actually worth battling the drizzle. Two hours later you are still sat on the sofa in your pajamas and you’ve missed that seminar on Modern British History yet again. While secondary reading and personal study is an important part of being a student, without attending lectures and seminars, you really are missing a vital part of university. Not only do you lose out on the very expensive education you have to pay for regardless of attendance, but you fail to get to know your fellow course-mates. Really, who wants to be the person no-one recognises come week 12?


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jasmingray A second year English Literature student, Jasmin is a proud Lincolnshire Yellowbelly who has been writing for the Features and Lifestyle sections of the newspaper for a year. She loves reading, tea, and can give a shower rendition of Beyoncé with the best of them. Find her procrastinating in the library or watching Mean Girls for the 800th time. That is so fetch.

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