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In the survey, the topic of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) was broached to UEA students. It is a subject that comes with stigmatisation due to the underlying implications that come with it.

By nature, sex is not typically openly talked about, making the topic of STIs uncomfortable to talk about for some. The Independent reported that 47 percent of 2000 participants (aged 16 – 24) did not use protection with a new partner. There is a vast amount of shame and stigma that comes along with STIís which is worrying as itís important that the subject is discussed. STIís can be avoided with education and easy access to contraception and information.

Within the UEA survey, 20.13 percent of participants reported that they did not use any methods of contraception, with the most popular method being the condom (66.05 percent). Only 5.73 percent of participants reported to ever having an STI.

Fortunately, the majority of participants claimed to not have any difficulty obtaining contraception from UEA medical services. However, what might be an issue is how people gain information about STI. 76.48 percent obtain information from the Internet. Of course, the Internet is not a bad place to start but it can result in misdiagnosis and misinformation.

Nowadays, the stigma that comes with STIs is decreasing gradually. People should not feel shame because there’s nothing shameful about it.

Treat it like any other illness; get medical advice and take it easy while you recover.


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