Shame couldn’t have picked a more fitting venue for Norwich than Waterfront. Having played here once before in 2018, the band were familiar with the venue and this could clearly be seen with their performance on 16 [removed ‘th’ after 16- not concrete’s style] November.

Before Shame took to the stage, support acts The Umlauts and The Goa Express ensured the audience were buzzing. With a mix of synths and an impressive vocal performance The Umlauts warmed up the crowd before The Goa Express took over, even managing to get a section of the crowd to mosh to a harmonica solo. 

Shame’s walk out song was none other than the Village People’s YMCA. From this point on, the five-piece band took control of the waterfront. 

Starting with Alphabet, guitarist Charlie Forbes gave a taste of things to come, running across the stage as though the guitar were carrying him. Lead singer and frontman, Charlie Steen presented his charisma and energy as a frontman that those familiar with Shame would have expected.

While most of the songs played were from Shame’s latest album Drunk Tank Pink, the band still played a large number of tracks from their debut which went down well with the crowd.

As expected, Steen stole the show as the frontman, diving into the crowd in order to crowd surf on a number of occasions. Using the crowd as his stage, towards the start of the set, he gave a god-like impression to the crowd who were shouting at his feet, stretching to touch him. 

Towards the end of their set, Steen joked ‘we’ve only recently learned to play this one live’, before diving into fan favourite, ‘One Rizla’. If there was ever a song to get the whole of the Waterfront singing at the top of their lungs, this was the one. 

Between songs, Forbes would frequently partake in a flurry of scatting while Steen was singing. His scatting was certainly something to marvel at. Shame finished the set with the last song on Drunk Tank Pink, Station Wagon. A song filled with spoken word poetry, this was captivating as the music turned into chaos reaching its climax.

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