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Shocking Sleeves

Fuck World Trade – Leftover Crack

Lucy Burrows

When thinking of a controversial album cover, one that came to mind, for example, Nirvana’s Nevermind, which features a naked baby in a swimming pool. However, a truly controversial album cover would be Leftover Crack with their album Fuck World Trade which depicts the world trade centre attacks being caused by the west. At the time of its release in 2004, it was banned by several retailers and had mixed critical reviews. Over time I think the artwork is still controversial as the World Trade Centre attack will always be poignant worldwide.  

Yesterday and Today – The Beatles

Leia Butler

The last thing you think of when someone mentions The Beatles, is decapitated baby dolls and raw meat. However that image was the cover of their album, titled ‘yesterday and today’. Though creative and certainly quirky, the album cover was heavily criticised by those who had seen advance copies and thus the 750,000 copies that were released were almost instantly recalled due to enormous backlash. Nowadays the copies that do exist are collectable and extremely rare. 

Night Time My Time – Sky Ferreira 

Dylan Davies

When compared to other controversial album covers, such as the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday and Today’ which featured decapitated baby dolls (in 1966!), Sky Ferreira’s ‘Night Time My Time’ doesn’t seem controversial at all, but the presence of one female nipple on the album cover was enough for its censorship on most streaming services. Sky Ferreira stated in NME that “most of the people who had a problem with [the cover art] were men” – it is disappointing that, even in 2013, just a bare female chest is enough to place an album cover amongst decapitated baby dolls in the ranks of controversy. 


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