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Clothes shops tend to pick on students at their most vulnerable, just after they’ve received their student loan. Offering us some fantastic deals and discounts, which are very tempting indeed! While this is great, we often find ourselves almost buying a brand new wardrobe full of clothes, when really we didn’t want or need anywhere near as much. To help avoid the temptation to get shopped out, I’ve devised a helpful guide in order to help you spend less and save where you can. After all, university is a place to experiment, and that includes fashion!



eBay is my first recommendation. It’s actually very simple to use whether you’re buying or selling items. You can get so many items there for a fraction of the price that they would have been originally. I have also managed to sell unwanted clothes on eBay. Even if you think no one will want it because you don’t like it anymore, one (wo)man’s trash is another’s treasure.


Charity Shopping

If it’s charity shopping you’re after then you’re in the right place. Norwich is home to a huge amount of these; it’s likely you’ll find one on every street. There’s many dotted across the city and if you venture onto Magdalen street you’ll find even more. It’s worth spending a day or even an afternoon exploring the city to see what you might find hidden in the rails.



In terms of discounts, Unidays will save you here. They have a number of the big retailers on the app and website normally offering between 10-20% off your favourite stores all year round. Sometimes at the start of term (when students still have a positive bank balance), stores will raise their discounts from anywhere between 20-50% for a few days, yay! However, don’t use this an excuse to buy things you don’t need. Invest in a good quality coat/pair of shoes that you truly need while shops have the bigger discounts. Don’t wander aimlessly online popping every item you like into your basket. Plan what things you need and take advantage of the bigger discounts in this way!


Online Shopping

If you just want ideas for places that are great for everyday clothes bargains, then Norwich is home to a huge Primark as well as all your favourite high street stores. Online shopping generally tends to be my go to, with Missguided and Boohoo normally proving the cheapest items. If you’re scared to shop online, then most stores offer free returns within 30 days, so you always have time to change your mind, or even to give yourself a reality check when you realise you’ve spent all your student loan on clothes…

Are you thinking of relegating your denim dungarees and pinafore dresses to the back of your wardrobe? If so, think again as we show you how to take this Summer staple into the colder months.


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