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Sims 4: discover university, more like discover procrastination

‘The Sims 4: Discover University’ was a mixed bag of good elements and bad parts. It is without a shadow of a doubt, the most anticipated expansion pack of the franchise, both for myself and the community, so it was evident that there was a lot of effort put into it, following previous packs which were lackluster at best. 

There is plenty of choice for your university experience, which is great to see, with 13 courses and two universities (including a Villainy degree, if that floats your boat), but the best part of the pack is that the gameplay is actually quite challenging. As we know, obtaining a degree is no easy feat, and the pack reflects that. I used to play ‘The Sims’ quite passively, while doing something else, but with this pack, that is not possible. The player has to actively force their Sims to study, complete assignments and pass their exams, with a passing grade still not being guaranteed. The students that we all hate for getting a first without trying do not exist in this game, thankfully.

There are however, some problems that I had with the game. Firstly, there are not enough student organisations to take part in. At the university my Sim graduated from, there is only the Art Society, Debate Guild and some sports thing, which is fine if you like those activities, but my Sim was not interested. Apart from that, it was just hitting the books and making friends (which my Sim apparently was not interested in either), so more options on that front would have been welcomed. There are also no cooking appliances in dormitories, apart from a mini-fridge, if you buy one. Maybe this is just me being picky because of what we have here in the UK, but this annoyed me. My Sim actually had to make an effort to get substantial food from elsewhere, or live off cereal and microwave meals like I do in real life, which was not ideal.  

Overall, it is a good pack, but like previous DLCs, it lacks a lot in areas, either because it has been rushed to meet demand or because I have unrealistic expectations. Either way, there is something to be enjoyed in this pack no matter your style of Sims gameplay.

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