Slava’s Snow Show – review

How to review a show like this? I’m not even sure where to begin so I’ll borrow some words from the show’s creator Slava Polunin:


“One day I decided that I wanted to create a show that would take us back to our childhood dreams; a show which would help spectators be released from the jail of adulthood and rediscover their forgotten childhood.”

Slava’s Snow Show is an amazing spectacle of comedy, tragedy, and spectacular set design; made complete with wonderful physically performances from the six clowns that feature throughout. From start to finish Slava’s Snow Show takes you in to another world; a world of dream-like simplicity at all times pervaded with a child’s sense of wonder at the world total.

Writing this review is like trying to describe a dream or a trip. I might be able to get the vague outlines of what actually happened, in the case of the show there were storms, giant balls, planets, stars, ships, giant spiders and blizzards, but I’ll never be able to make to feel and taste it.

To draw another comparison, think Cirque Du Soleil meets (the good bits of) The Mighty Boosh meets Pingu meets a ‘living statue’ street performer. But again this is inadequate, all that’s left to say is that unless you have a major phobia of clowns, get yourself to Slava’s Snow Show to see what it’s all about!

My only warning: Good luck trying to tell your friends what happened, you won’t even be sure yourself.

Slava’s Snow Show is featuring at Norwich Theatre Royal from the 12th-16th of November.


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