Endangered pileated gibbon born at Blackpool Zoo

Ivy and Chamoa, two pileated gibbons at Blackpool Zoo, have recently become proud parents. This is the third gibbon born to this pair, with there being only 14 living in zoos across the UK. Pileated gibbons are currently classified as endangered, so this bodes well for the future of their species.

Sir David Attenborough signs up to Instagram

Sir David Attenborough has joined Instagram. However, his move to the social media platform is not for purely entertainment reasons. In his first post, he tells us “the world is in trouble.” He warns of the current disasters of climate change, and urges us to join him in fighting it.

Oldest evidence of Homo sapiens found in Arabia

Seven human footprints have been discovered in the Arabian Peninsula – dated between 112,000 and 121,000 years old. Found at the edge of a now-dry lake, it is believed these ancient travellers stopped here on a journey. Among these human footprints were also a variety of animal footprints.

Beaked whale beats underwater best

A Cuvier’s beaked whale shocked researchers when it was recorded to have spent 3 hours 42 minutes submerged underwater. On average, the species spends around an hour underwater. It is believed that this is the longest dive ever recorded for a whale, and perhaps even for mammals as a whole.

Sparrows sung ‘sexier’ songs over lockdown, study finds

When lockdown hit and human noise pollution plummeted, the calls of sparrows also appeared to change. Although they sang more quietly, the quality of their calls increased. The males generated calls with lower amplitude, apparently a big factor for attraction. So much so that different species of birds were even allured by these sparrows. 

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