Design for Mary Anning statue revealed

The design has been revealed for a statue of pioneering paleontologist Mary Anning in her hometown of Lyme Regis. The campaign, led by 13-year-old Evie Swire, is crowdfunding for the statue in a bid to celebrate Anning’s achievements which went unrecognised throughout her life due to her gender and class. 

Laura Taylor

Well preserved woolly rhino has been excavated from Siberia
Due to melting permafrost in Russia’s northernmost regions, an Ice Age era woolly rhino has been found in one of the best preserved conditions scientists have ever seen. Amazingly the carcass was discovered with the majority of its limbs, hair, teeth, horn and soft tissue organs still intact. 

White Bengal tiger cub has been born in a Nicaraguan zoo
Nieve – Spanish for ‘white’- is the first white Bengal tiger to be born in Central America. The adorable but rare cub has a yellow and black mother who carries a white recessive gene. Sadly Mum rejected Nieve after failing to produce milk, so instead Nieve is being lovingly raised by the zoo director’s wife. 

Mountain in Antarctica to be named after dog sled driver, Nick Cox
Due to his remarkable career assisting scientists in carpentry and driving dog sleds in the polar regions, 67 year old Nick Cox has been bestowed the honour of having an Antarctic mountain named after him. When asked whether he would visit Mount Cox, Nick refused to rule out a visit stating, “maybe one day”. 

Swearing parrots to be moved to a more discreet aviary
A group of potty mouthed parrots have been relocated to a discreet ‘blue’ aviary after terrorizing visitors with foul mouthed insults and profanity. After news of the cursing birds went viral in 2020, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have since attempted to avoid ruffling feathers further by keeping the birds separate and installing signs warning visitors of explicit squawks. 

Jessica Marshall

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