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Soaring to new heights

Taking over as this year’s Deputy Editor for Concrete is a huge honour for me. Working alongside fellow Deputy Matt Branston and Editor-in-Chief Sam Hewitson, I truly believe we can soar to new heights. The wonderful section editors we have tasked with making the publication the best it can possibly be fill us with confidence that we are on the path to great success.

Last years’ experience as Global editor led me to develop a key attachment to the section and it was difficult to acknowledge my time in the role was coming to an end. However, I know it is in the best possible hands with Marco Rizzo, an editor with a bright future in journalism and someone I know will achieve great things in the role.

Working under last years’ editorial team, Chris Matthews and Jess Barrett, means the foundations have been laid for the new team to continue the great work. I know Sam will thrive as Chief and Matt as fellow Deputy. We have begun our tenure by joining the Black Lives Matter campaign and have received fantastic pieces of journalism that truly showcase our writers’ creativity. Our platform means we are privileged enough to have a voice of influence and it is our responsibility to speak up in the fight for justice and equality.

The coming year is full of uncertainties, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic, but I am certain of the great things we can achieve as a team. We have the potential to be the best student publication in the country, demonstrated by the numerous awards our group was nominated for last year. I was honoured to reach the list of top 10 students in the country for Best Human Rights journalist with Amnesty International. Additionally, Sam and Matt’s nominations for the SPA Awards highlights our team’s strength going forward.  

With this group of editors and writers I know we can attain new heights and I have every confidence in our team to reflect their talents in a newspaper we can truly be proud of.

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William Warnes

Global Editor - 2019/20

Co-Deputy Editor - 2020/21

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November 2021
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