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One of the biggest trends right now, without a doubt, is travelling. Whether it’s for ‘soul-searching’, a graduation trip or just for fun, there are millions of travellers every year. I, myself, have travelled a lot – both alone and in a group. It’s because of these experiences that I want to explore the pros and cons of travelling solo or with others. Of course, both have their positives and negatives but does one triumph over the other in the world of travelling? Personally, I prefer travelling with at least one other person because I feel safer and have someone to rely on which is especially useful in a foreign country. On the other hand, travelling alone allows me to take in a country more without any distractions. Here, I will discuss both options, and my personal experiences with the two.

         I remember the first time I travelled overseas by myself. It was to Scotland from France, I was going to visit some family friends. I was still in my teenage years, perhaps thirteen or fourteen. I remember being scared and nervous. What if I got lost once arriving? What if I couldn’t find the people meant to pick me up? However, as the years passed by, I found myself enjoying travelling solo more and more. I enjoy long bus rides just listening to music and staring out of the window. I enjoy walking around new places, and immersing myself fully in different cultures.

         However, it’s important to realise that you can be more vulnerable when travelling alone. Although you should be aware of their surroundings regardless of whether they’re alone or in a group, it’s especially important when you’re by yourself. Avoiding badly lit or empty alleys is something to keep in mind when travelling alone. Also, it’s an idea to keep an eye on your belongings because you won’t have anyone to look out for your things. Despite this, you shouldn’t be put off travelling alone because as long as you are smart and safe about it, travelling alone is absolutely fine. Additionally, joining a group tour before or after arriving in a country is an option if you want extra security.

         Travelling in a group can be a lot of fun if you are with a good group. That way, you can rely and look out for each other during the trip. Although, the bigger the group, the more difficult it can be to plan a trip because people might want to do different things. It’s also common for fights to happen during trips because when you’re stuck with the same people for an extended period of time, you can get on each other’s nerves. Regardless, travelling with your friends or family will be an unforgettable and treasurable experience.

         Overall, both options have their appeals and limitations but I think one should try both in their lifetime. That way, you can decide which one you prefer and plan your future trips according to that. Ultimately, travelling should be a fun and eye-opening experience that broadens your experience of the world. Either travelling in a group or travelling alone can contribute to that valuable experience – you just need to find out what works for you.

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