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Do Something Different Week: The art of science & murder

UEA is hosting a campus wide murder mystery. Follow us as we investigate: Who did it, where and how?


Lady Malcone

After graduating from the university  as a student in Art History, Lady M has made sure to retain her connections to UEA. Having made her fortunes from leasing her private jet, she quickly became a generous benefactor of the Mustard Centre, and has sponsored various archeological exhibitions. Her donations to the latest Mustard Centre exhibit have received criticisms from UEA’s student body, after speculation that Assyrian artifacts from the early Christian period could have been taken from sites looted by IS.

Tom Bland

Dr Tom Bland worked at various European universities before deciding to move to Norwich to curate the Mustard Centre’s archaeological archives and exhibitions. Dr Bland is unmarried, a fact that has inspired many rumours about his personal life. Whilst the academic is widely liked by his peers and students, there are many vicious tales surrounding his drinking habits and relationships with certain students.

Alex Wells

Never one to miss an LCR Damn Good, Alex Wells has consistently maintained the view that his excessive student lifestyle does not negatively affect his studies and ability to focus on extracurriculars. Alex Wells is desperate to be a BNOC, having gone to unsuccessful extremes to make Concrete headlines as a fresher by various acts of dare-devilery. However, by his final year, Alex’s peers have become fatigued by his myriad of attention-seeking acts, and quietly laugh at his increasing desire to make his campus 15 minutes of fame last until graduation.

Sarah Jane Bishop

Sarah Jane joined Concrete in her first term at UEA, and has been on a mission to uncover scandal ever since. However, lately when she is not writing stories, she is known to spend hours in the Mustard Centre or the library studying archeology. This out of character interest has sparked rumours amongst her classmates and fellow reporters that she may be having a relationship with Dr Bland, who appears to favour her above other student journalists.

The Detectives

After starting and building a career with the police in Manchester, when Lydia Bankhead’s children moved to university she decided to take to Norwich for what she thought would be a slower pace of life. At first Lydia found Norfolk more tedious than quiet, something enhanced by her new partner Detective Jan Munroe’s irritating habits and catchphrases. However, after a few years solving mysteries with Munroe in the fine city, Bankhead has even grown to like her new job. Norfolk born and bred, Munroe cannot understand why anybody would ever wish to leave Norwich and can at times find her colleague’s tales of past cases arrogant. However the two have grown to be a good team and have not yet left a case unsolved.

How can you get involved?

Undergraduates, there’s still time to get involved with the events during DDW, although places are filling up fast.

Book onto Soft Bodies and Hard Evidence, Tuesday 28th Feb at 10.00, where you can follow the story beyond the initial crime scene to explore what a dead body can tell us in a criminal investigation.

On Wednesday 1st March, be a fly on the wall at the Police Interviews, when Detectives interview and collect statements from the main suspects and witness. No booking required, just come along to Queens 1.03 at 10.00 to watch these unfold live.

On Thursday 2nd March watch the Press conference as it is streamed through social media.

On Friday 3rd March, sign up to watch the Trial in the TEC lecture theatre. Watch as our own Law students take on the roles of prosecution and defence, completely unscripted. There will be opportunities to take part interactively during the trial too so you can have your say. The verdict is unknown!

Throughout the week follow the story and get involved on twitter:




Follow us on twitter as we liveblog, tweet and stream as the week unfolds. Take part in our twitter poll and have your say about who did it. To find out more about getting involved with the media collective throughout the week, come along to a meeting on Tuesday 21st February at 5pm in the media office.

To book onto these events and others during the week go to the programme on


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