Spend the night drinking…? Have you seen my DVD collection?

There seems to be a perception amongst the rest of the population that all students do is party and drink away their student loans. I’m not going to pretend that students as a whole don’t get drunk more than average, or act like weekday drinking doesn’t exist (we have a Tuesday night at the LCR and deals on Jäger). But I would like to argue that there are a number of things we spend more time doing than “getting para”. Here are some of our good, bad habits:

Eating a balanced diet
And by balanced, I mean balanced between equal amounts of pizza, pasta and Chinese food. Recently I heard that a glass of wine has the same amount of calories as a donut. I don’t know about you, but for me the donut wins, every time. Also, yes we can drink relatively cheaply at the LCR, but are you forgetting about the £1.20 curly fries in Blend? On your way to the library from Arts? It would be rude not to.

Enjoying the occasional movie or TV episode
If by occasional you mean at least every day, then sure. I am pretty sure the average student spends significantly more nights binge -watching Netflix in bed with a family-sized bag of crisps than nights drinking. I myself actually don’t actually have a Netflix account, but my housemates and I have accumulated so many DVDs that our shelf is now overflowing, and the temptation to watch trashy films about big parties tend to be a lazier and less-expensive way to get involved some nights.

Doing work for your degree
It’s why we are university after all, and we are going to graduate with something at the end of all this. So, we do spend a lot of time doing work (although I am counting thinking and stressing about uni work in part of this time). Or, in my case, spending more time writing copious amounts of lists in order to organise work rather than actually doing the work. Then most of the time having to re-write them after I am persuaded to skip a night out of my schedule to enjoy the many
wonders of the LCR. Damn it.

Planning for the future
Not really talking about strategic plan-making and active productivity here, more just about laying in bed for hours on end pondering life and what the hell you’re going to do with it (probably whilst wrapped in a blanket and listening to the optimistic indie-pop you had on your iPod Nano when you were 13 to make you feel young again and exempt from any serious decision-making. Except from what colour iPod upgrade to get, obviously).

Enjoying some afternoons off in the city
I’m talking shopping. This is particularly something we like to do the day after our next student loan instalment comes through. After all, it’s not like it’s got to last us the whole term or anything. If anything has stopped me from spending money on drink and nights out, it’s been the fact I’ve spent said money on clothes, trips away and posh food (the word ‘posh’ used lightly here, I am only talking a move from Tesco baked beans to Heinz).

Now don’t try and tell me I am drinking away my student loan. I am eating and wearing it too.


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