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In honour of this spooky time, we’ve put together a list of our favourite games to play near Halloween. To kick it off, I’m going to nominate The Last of Us which in my mind is one of the greatest games, period. Playing as Joel, a man haunted by his past, you must keep sassy teenager Ellie alive as you search for the cure to the zombie outbreak. Whilst Clickers and Runners are undoubtedly some of the scariest monsters ever to grace our screens, it is the humans you come across who make this game scary, I gave myself an anxious stomach thanks to one scene! This is a great game if you want a strong narrative, in-depth characters, and to get way too choked up about giraffes, whilst also scared out of your wits.
Martha Griffiths

One game that is fully of all things evil and deadly is Cluedo. With a group of friends, you play detective at working out who the murderer is, which deadly weapon was used and where the victim met their end. Cluedo is a game full of logic and mystery and also is perfect for all the family. So dim the lights and gather round the table, it’s about to get spooky.
Jess Barrett

Corpse Party is one of the most disturbing and tense games I’ve ever played. Although the graphical style is barely realistic, being an RPG Maker game, the game doesn’t shy away from showing gore. The biggest highlight of this game for me is the audio: the music fits every situation perfectly, the voice-acting is incredible and some of the games most horrific moments come from the sound design. In one scene, a main character is hypnotised into cannibalizing his love interest, only returning to consciousness briefly to scream before the sounds of his devouring fill the player’s ears.  
Jack Oxford

One game me and my friends always keep being drawn back to is Dead by Daylight. It is a multiplayer survival horror game, in which four survivors are trapped in an enclosed area and must fix five generators in order to escape. A fifth player plays as the killer, who attempts to wound and sacrifice the players before they escape. It gives you a real adrenaline rush as you attempt to outsmart the killer or alternatively ruthlessly hunt down survivors, and if you can forgive the ridiculous loading time then I guarantee you will enjoy this great game as well.                             
Alec Banister

One spooky game for Halloween is The Sims, a game where you can create people and control their lives. You can build their house and coincidently trap them in it and kill them. You can release your inner pyromaniac and set fire to the house, killing entire families. If you did not get a Damn Good ticket, play puppet master and wreak havoc instead.
Paige Allen

Titles like Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs make perfect supplements to a late Halloween night: the game itself even asks that you play in a dark room to help retain the immersive mood. While A Machine for Pigs has its fair share of scares and tense games of hide-and-seek, it also delivers an incredibly strong plot. What begins with an amnesiac trying to find his missing children rapidly transforms into a grand and shocking series of events as the player puts the pieces together through scrambled diary entries and flashbacks. With every detail you learn, the next room becomes just a little bit scarier.
Jude Davies

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