Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus

Midnight Circus coaxes you in with an off-kilter piano melody, welcoming you to an enthralling yet unsettling show caught in a kaleidoscope of adlibs, horns, and rollicking percussion. Ensnaring theatricality, eclectic polish, and pseudo-psychedelic jazz with the thrill and sleaze of a circus show struggling to keep itself together.   

Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny

There’s nothing quite like existential terror and substance abuse dictated by a charismatic nutjob revelling in his downward spiral. The skittery, distorted horns here sound almost pained. Danny Brown frames this moment of personal clarity within an active nightmare like some sort comedy skit, urging us to laugh with him.

– Maddi Hastings

Michael Jackson – Thriller

This choice may seem obvious, but it’s a classic! The original music video for this song had people dressed up as zombies and it started the iconic red leather jacket trend (this is the jacket that Michael Jackson wears in the video). If this comes on at a Halloween party it’s sure to get a crowd trying to recreate the famous dance moves.

Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash

The Monster Mash is a childhood favourite of mine and absolutely cannot be left out of a Halloween playlist. This nostalgic song is great for a child’s game of musical chairs and doubles as a cheesy pick for a teenage or mid-twenties Halloween gathering.

– Gabriela Williams

Christopher Larkin – Soul Sanctum

Taken from the video game Hollow Knight, Soul Sanctum soundtracks a land of warped souls and evil experimentation in a beautiful game. Organ-led and sounding like what a haunted house looks like, Soul Sanctum is a tapestry of uneasiness that should adorn the speakers of any lover of classic horror soundtracks.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein – Stranger Things

As Stranger Things takes a longer break than usual, another soundtrack will sadly be absent from most TV sets for the first time in three years. The throbbing synth and spare and buried heartbeat are both a marvel of atmosphere and production. If you want a horror number that will send you upside down, there is no better.

– Nick Mason

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