Christmas is just around the corner, which has different meanings for a variety of people. For students, it is a busy time with essays and exams. For businesses, it is time to wrap up all year’s work and get ready for a short holiday. For some sports clubs and sports players, it means a busy schedule is coming ahead with so many matches and probably travelling around the country to play those matches.

It is still a debatable subject whether having games around Christmas time is a right thing to do or not. Every year, people give their opinion about this issue and every year the same thing happens. Which means that if it was really disturbing for the players to play in a busy schedule around this time of the year, they would do something about it. I’m not saying everyone is content about this, but if the majority were uncomfortable, then maybe they would do something to take people’s attention to this point.

On the positive side, sports lovers have tons of matches from different sports that they can watch during this holiday. For NBA lovers, there are matches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Actually, for NBA, having games on Christmas is an annual tradition and 5 games are being played on that day. For Premier League it is a little bit different, but it is still really busy. They don’t have any matches on Christmas or Christmas Eve, but there are games on 23 and 26 December, which means they don’t actually get a break, because they have to practice.

This year we are lucky enough to watch Lebron James’ Cleveland on Christmas day. Alongside the beautiful Philadelphia 76ers and eight other teams. I think it is a great way to stay at home, get under your blanket and watch the show of basketball players. I can’t imagine a better Christmas for NBA/sports lovers. Also, it is a great Christmas for the NBA players as well, because they would be doing the thing they love the most: basketball.