Sport / 19/01/2021 Here’s hoping sport remains locked down on the nation’s calendar

The tradition of sport having a relaxing effect is not a new one. On Christmas Day in 1914, a simple game of football was able to bring together fighting German and British troops for a temporary ceasefire. Nothing captures quite how transformative sport can be quite like that does. Therefore, today, as we live through...

Sport / 19/01/2021 Hands. Face. Let’s all go round my place. Why are footballers so ignorant of the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines?

As with the behaviour of fans and the interactions of players with referees, rugby seems to be ahead of the game with lockdown breaches. The Barbarians were set to face the England Rugby Union team in October before the game was cancelled due to the Covid-secure bubble being breached by thirteen players. Since then, each...

Sport / 19/01/2021 Why England’s cricketers have a right to feel insecure about their bio-secure bubbles

The England cricket team have become accustomed to travelling around the world, spending weeks and months in the sub-continent, miles away from home, in order to play the sport that they love at the highest level. However, before the coronavirus pandemic, players would have family and friends visit and could unwind during their downtime, in...

Sport / 19/01/2021 Fantasy Football: All the fun of betting, without the risk of gambling

For me, betting on Premier League football games has always been rather tempting, simply because I like the idea of showcasing the knowledge that I have accrued on the sport that I love so dearly. However, gambling with real money always comes with significant risks, the most serious of which is addiction, which can lead...

Sport / 19/01/2021 Quit before you’re behind: Why more should be done to prevent gambling addictions in sport

Gambling has the highest suicide rate of any addiction. Let that sink in. More than smoking. More than alcohol. More than drugs. People who get addicted to gambling can feel as if they have dug themselves a hole that is just too deep, off the back of placing a losing streak of high-stake bets. It...

Sport / 19/01/2021 The NBA returns after the shortest pre-season in US sports history

Typically, the break between the NBA finals and the new season lasts roughly 130 days. This is even longer for the teams that did not make it to the finals or the playoffs. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic impacting the second half of the 2019/20 season, the 2020/21 season began on the 22nd of...



Why diving isn’t worth making a song and dance about

Erik Lamela’s theatrical reaction to Anthony Martial’s flick to his face in the Tottenham-Manchester United game in October provides a useful case study for the problems with diving and exaggeration in football. Graeme Souness described Lamela’s display as ‘very Latin’ – a remark for which he was later accused of xenophobic stereotyping. However, I believe…


Tranquility in Victory: How Mercedes Are Rewriting Formula One’s Record Books

It is hardly surprising that Mercedes’ record-breaking seventh consecutive Constructors’ Title was accompanied by an ongoing curiosity of what makes the Brackley squad unbeaten in Formula One’s new V6 hybrid era. Historically, there has been a tendency to link any sports team’s performance to an individual or a group of individuals in the management. Ferrari’s…


The men of a thousand faces

If any of the Welsh 2016 European Championship squad are reading this and take issue, my editor can give you my details. Ovie Ejeheri, Arsenal’s highly-rated young goalkeeper has three nations competing for his gloves: England, Nigeria and Uganda. Ovie himself was born in England, yet his father is Nigerian and his mother Ugandan. As…


Are there blue skies ahead for the Sky Blues?

Depicting Pep Guardiola’s teams as underachieving has become something of a trend. Indeed, a near decade-long lack of Champions League success ostensibly supports Dietmar Hamann’s description of Guardiola’s coaching style as outdated. There is no denying that, on paper, his spells in Munich and Manchester have left a lot to be desired on the continental…

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