Sport / 15/12/2020 Keep it off me head son!

Usually I only hear mention of head injuries in football when people say I must have one for supporting Arsenal. The Gunners recently played Wolves and the unnerving sound of David Luiz and Raúl Jiménez’s heads coming together sent shockwaves through the footballing world. We know now that Jiménez is in hospital recovering from a...

Sport / 15/12/2020 The battle of the EPLs

Recently, news of plans for a European Premier League have emerged, with a financial package of almost £5 billion being assembled to form the potential breakaway competition. Unlike previous proposals for a European Super League, this idea is planned to work alongside the English Premier League. Nevertheless, whether or not the two competitions can work...

Sport / 15/12/2020 History made: The first all-Black officiating team in the NFL

Monday Night Football on the 24th November saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Los Angeles Rams. However, it was not the play of the teams that night that will forever go down in NFL history. For the first time in the National Football League’s history, an all-Black officiating crew worked a game....

Sport / 15/12/2020 Why diving isn’t worth making a song and dance about

Erik Lamela’s theatrical reaction to Anthony Martial’s flick to his face in the Tottenham-Manchester United game in October provides a useful case study for the problems with diving and exaggeration in football. Graeme Souness described Lamela’s display as ‘very Latin’ – a remark for which he was later accused of xenophobic stereotyping. However, I believe...

Sport / 15/12/2020 Tranquility in Victory: How Mercedes Are Rewriting Formula One’s Record Books

It is hardly surprising that Mercedes’ record-breaking seventh consecutive Constructors’ Title was accompanied by an ongoing curiosity of what makes the Brackley squad unbeaten in Formula One’s new V6 hybrid era. Historically, there has been a tendency to link any sports team’s performance to an individual or a group of individuals in the management. Ferrari’s...

Sport / 15/12/2020 The men of a thousand faces

If any of the Welsh 2016 European Championship squad are reading this and take issue, my editor can give you my details. Ovie Ejeheri, Arsenal’s highly-rated young goalkeeper has three nations competing for his gloves: England, Nigeria and Uganda. Ovie himself was born in England, yet his father is Nigerian and his mother Ugandan. As...



The media should do more to protect the mental health of the stars upon whose lives their jobs depend

Professional sportspeople’s elite ability is such that they operate within the top 1% globally of their respective disciplines. However, despite this jaw-dropping talent, for many years the media have targeted them with news stories whenever their form drops. These publications can be seriously damaging to an individual’s mental health, causing even the most dedicated sportsperson…


Is Gunnersaurus now extinct?

By now, it is well established that the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent banning of fans from football stadiums has hit clubs hard. Many have had to make redundancies as a result, with Arsenal being one of these clubs, letting 55 staff members go in August as part of wider cost-cutting measures. However, their recent…

#BLM, Sport

Clive Sullivan MBE (1943-1985)

To honour Black History Month, I wanted to write an article about an inspirational Black sporting figure. The choices were plentiful; from Jesse Owens to Serena Willams, many have led the way in their respective sports as we as a sporting community continue to strive for racial equality. However, in the end I settled upon…


Ferrari’s decline: How the Prancing Horse stuttered, rather than galloped into their 1000th grand prix

Remember the 2016 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix? No, not the race itself, but the interviews afterwards. An affable Sebastian Vettel uttered a one-liner that has stuck with me ever since: “Everybody’s a Ferrari fan. Even if they are not, they (still) are a Ferrari fan”. As the Scuderia recently competed in their 1000th grand…

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