Is sports fashion a myth?

With high-end designers such as Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani attempting the difficult combination of practicality and fashion in the Olympics, it has brought to the forefront the age-old question of whether fashion and sport can ever truly co-exist.

When thinking of sports wear, images of chav chic complete with tracksuits, DayGlo jackets and excessive amounts of Lycra rear their ugly head and this certainly isn’t abated upon the recent sight of the unforgiving crop tops and skimpy shorts of the Olympians, designed with the body of an Adonis in mind, not for the occasional dog walker.

Peering into Vogue’s recent attempt at sports fashion leads only to a similar conclusion, upon the depressing sight of a multiplicity of size zero models prancing around in haute couture leotards, waving round a hockey stick in case it wasn’t clear that these outfits were designed for the means of competitive sport.

Let’s be honest, anyone with a pinch of common sense will realise that sleek top knot will swiftly be disintegrating into a mess of fly-aways and that healthy glow will be turning an unattractive shade of puce after a quick jog round the block.

Even the high street has jumped onto the sporting buzz with high-heeled trainers, perfect for achieving that active look, whilst tottering on tip toes with no real hope of a jog, let alone a power walk.

Maybe I’m just cynical, but I feel sport should be an opportunity to embrace a temporary freedom from style, with practicality as a priority for a change.


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January 2022
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